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This varies by geographic region because the average insolation depends on the average cloudiness and the thickness of atmosphere traversed by the sunlight.

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It depends on the fact that radiocarbon, often abbreviated as, is constantly being created in the atmosphere by cosmic rays.

Tony moved the business vĩ đại a corner location out of the way of the turnpike, but vĩ đại the detriment of the old-fashioned atmosphere.

Because of the volatility of the creosote, the atmosphere was filled with a vapor containing it, and it would cover the flesh.

Substances transported by the atmosphere and trapped within glacial ice reveal factors that cause environmental change as well as global responses vĩ đại this change.

This is because the sea is in constant motion, affected by the tides, wind, atmospheric pressure, local gravitational differences, temperature, salinity and ví forth.

He noted that the game's setting was convincing due vĩ đại the visual design and ethereal, atmospheric soundtrack.

He is an author of about 100 articles mostly on atmospheric optics, radiative transfer, and light scattering.

The show could on occasions be eerily atmospheric.

Atmospheric sodium below this layer is normally chemically bound in compounds such as sodium oxide, while above the layer the atoms tend vĩ đại be ionized.

Clean guitars and hazy atmospherics make way for sizeable riffs and fuzzed vocal effects.

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Monuments songs are based more on slamming and heavy grooves phàn nàn they are layers, progressive arragements and atmospherics.

The band is frequently embraced by progressive rock fans due vĩ đại their experimental outlook, and their use of both atmospherics and extended instrumentation.

Most reviewers contrast the technical shoddiness of the film with its successful atmospherics.

As daylight was fading, the atmospherics grew darker.

In meteorology, a cyclone is a large scale air mass that rotates around a strong center of low atmospheric pressure.

I found that almost every dictionary contained the same misconception that atmospheric pressure, not gravity, pushed liquid through the tube of a siphon.

The cells contain a mixture of 10% xenon and another chemically stable gas such as neon, which is maintained at around half atmospheric pressure.

Our planet is at just the right temperature and atmospheric pressure vĩ đại allow water vĩ đại exist as ice, liquid water, and water vapour.

It can happen without warning and is caused by climate conditions such as atmospheric pressure, jet streams, cold and warm fronts or thunderstorms.

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