c6h5 ch3+br2

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In the given reaction
C6H5CH3 air/Mn(II)/Cu(II)[X]
[X] is:
(a) C6H5CHO  (b) C6H5COOH
(c) C6H5CH2OH     (d) C6H5OH

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Predict the order of reactivity of the following compounds in SN1 and SN2 reactions 

C6H5CH2Br , C6H5CH(C6H5)Br , C6H5CH(CH3)Br ,  C6H5C(CH3)(C6H5)

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In the given reaction, C6H6 + Br2  C6H5Br + HBr
39 gm of C6H6 reacts with 40 gm of Br2. It was found that 19.625 gm of C6H5Br was obtained. Calculate the percentage yield of the reaction.

The above reaction results in 98% racemization. The reaction mainly follows

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The reaction of  C6H5CH=CHCH3 with HBr produces: