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The significance of learner repair following recasts also remains controversial.

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The management of lesions with atypia on mammotome excision will remain controversial and the prudent approach is to tướng recommend complete surgical excision.

Although several of these associations are still extremely controversial in the scientific and clinical communities, they remain areas of active investigation.

However, its controversial history makes it difficult to tướng conduct experimental trials with this drug.

He reviews our present knowledge, although it must be admitted that the genuinely hydrothermal nature of some deposits remains controversial.

Probably only a few medical questions have received as many different and controversial answers as this one.

The upshot is that although we are relatively familiar with the species and their stratigraphical positions, their groupings into genera and families are still controversial.

The presence of such a pituitary - adrenal refractory period in nonhuman primates and humans remains controversial.

Second, we discuss our phenotyping system, which can be used to tướng guide neurobiological research designed to tướng address these controversial issues.

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More controversial is the occurrence of inferences beyond these minimal ones.

Other scholars are certain to tướng extend the debate to tướng a wider readership before conclusions can be made on this controversial concern.

In considering these questions the authors have taken considerable pains to tướng present controversial data and interpretations fairly; particularly ví, in the chapter on genetical models.

In any private matter which is controversial there are distinctions between public, or acknowledged, attitudes and private opinions.

In particular, we investigate the reliability of prosodic features in early multiword constructions, given that previous studies provided controversial and inconclusive evidence.

The definition of therapeutic success in an acute disease is usually not controversial.

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