excited là gì

He was by no means unpopular, but his eccentricities gradually excited considerable remark, particularly as he developed a tendency towards kleptomania.

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The accompaniment comprises flowing triplets in the flute, the palpitations of an excited heartbeat, over repeated chords in the strings.

One of the leading theories at the time was that earthquakes were caused by subterranean winds, excited by change in temperature.

Examples of anisothermal plasmas can be found among low-pressure plasmas that are excited by high frequency electric fields, see frequency classification of plasmas.

The two were excited about the prospects of translating, publishing and researching the manuscript.

If scientists increased public excitement about science, there was a good chance of having more public supporters.

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The message created intense excitement and enthusiasm among the seamen.

The significance and history of the pieces was at first unrecognized, and the revelation prompted no particular excitement.

It reads with all the pace and excitement of a movie thriller and all the verisimilitude and detail of firsthand reportage.

It was thought to tát prevent excitement and fear when facing an enemy.

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