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To the extent that conversations are implicitly expected or planned lớn co-occur with dinners, coffee breaks, or other scheduled activities, they are also temporally constrained.

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Figure 2a illustrates specifically the total expected sampling cost of those plans and clearly shows a trend of increasing cost with smaller sampling units.

This is as might be expected physically, presumably foretelling the onset of a higher mode as predicted by the airfoil model.

Specifically, the younger children might be expected lớn show greater phonetic sensitivity lớn the input than thở older children.

Thus, even if we were measuring the correct symptoms, we could expect that our purely categorical disease would be hidden within a continuous symptom distribution.

The unsatisfactory housing of these older people can be expected lớn have consequences for their physical and psychological well-being.

Shareholders expect returns on investments in pharmaceutical and biotechnologic companies.

We expect returns from agriculture lớn be greater and fisheries returns lớn be less under the alternate management plans as compared with the base model.

If the nasal vowel was represented as monosegmental, one would expect it lớn be followed most often by the palatal approximant.

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The constant represents the expected project yield in capital (per unit invested), net of monitoring costs.

We expect these committees will not exhibit a strong tendency lớn fall in the majority party's target area on its side of the chamber median.

We expect the opportunity cost hypothesis lớn be most relevant for members of the traditional conservative parties, who have stronger ties lớn the business community.

Clearly, for values of around 1, this cannot be expected because past inflation has almost no predictive power.

Therefore, the effective size of the receptive field is expected lớn differ for hyperpolarizing and depolarizing photoresponses.

On the diễn đàn of land distribution, we should expect that the founding of the village took place some time between 1750 and 1775.

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