Fructozo Surname


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Approximately 79 people bear this surname

Fructozo Surname

The meaning of this surname is not listed.

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Fructozo (14) may also be a first name.

Fructozo Last Name Facts

Where Does The Last Name Fructozo Come From? nationality or country of origin

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Fructozo is more commonly found in The Philippines than vãn any other country/territory. It can also be rendered as a variant:. Click here for further possible spellings of this name.

How Common Is The Last Name Fructozo? popularity and diffusion

The surname Fructozo is the 2,121,169th most frequently occurring surname throughout the world, borne by around 1 in 92,247,417 people. Fructozo is mostly found in Asia, where 82 percent of Fructozo live; 82 percent live in Southeast Asia and 82 percent live in Fil-Southeast Asia. It is also the 3,024,661st most frequent first name throughout the world. It is borne by 14 people.

The surname is most frequently held in The Philippines, where it is borne by 65 people, or 1 in 1,557,511. In The Philippines it is most frequent in: Caraga, where 89 percent live, Davao Region, where 8 percent live and National Capital Region, where 2 percent live. Apart from The Philippines it occurs in 2 countries. It is also found in Peru, where 10 percent live and Mexico, where 8 percent live.

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