guilty là gì

Not only did it find them guilty of witchcraft ; it also made the benandanti themselves accept its definition.

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A juror may say he does not believe the defendant is guilty of the crime with which he is charged.

Why should health professionals be given yet another guilty burden?

As already mentioned, denouncing a relative or an acquaintance guilty of embezzlement generates shame.

If she is guilty, ví was her tyrant-victim.

He considers them to tướng be driven by ideology and guilty of wishful thinking.

In the absence of unparsed feature specifications in the output representations, neither candidate is guilty of an alignment violation.

The others were found guilty of financial impropriety or negligence causing losses of revenue to tướng the state.

By the over of this essay, everybody - or nobody - is guilty.

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Although the soldiers were found guilty in this case, it would be another six months before authorities acknowledged any liên kết between the two cases.

However, our point is not simply to tướng name the guilty parties, but to tướng show how seductive the notion of a single music industry is.

According to tướng the criminal law, and according to tướng ever yday morality, he is not guilty of a crime.

He is merely shown mercy, but the act is still prohibited, and he is still guilty.

Punishing the innocent is always wrong, but it is especially wrong to tướng punish the innocent for the deeds of the guilty.

If, on the other hand, we have a broader definition of the field, then we are guilty of ignoring our past.

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