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The applicants were a married couple who lived with their two children in a single room in a guest house.

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It has only one shutter tốc độ, and, depending on model, either a single f/11 f-stop or a choice of two.

As no single treatment is effective for all individuals with opioid dependence, diverse treatment options are needed, including psychosocial approaches and pharmacological treatment.

In this tragic history, the happiness and the single success can be achieveed through the total treason.

It was an unstaffed halt and had a single platform, accessible by a ramp.

Coral bleaching, whereby coral expels the tiny single-celled algae inside that provide color, is triggered by stress such as warm seas or pollution.

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Even single-celled life shows every sign of being attracted or repelled by things in its environment, which in my book is proto-consciousness.

The biofilm takes the main part of the nourishment available and thus outmatches the single-celled bacteria.

This critical step was followed by the rise of simple single-celled life (prokaryotes), and then complex single-celled life (eukaryotes).

The ocelloid's complexity first had the researchers believing it belonged to tát prey eaten by the single-celled marine plankton.

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