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I want to tát thank Cpl. Lane for being brave enough to tát share his story with the world and have to tát relive ví much of it in order to tát tự ví. Because too many of our Vietnam War veterans returned to tát an ungrateful nation, I hope Lane’s book becomes a bestseller and turns into a movie ví a grateful nation today can honor these fallen heroes and freedom fighters.
~Chuck Norris, Actor, Martial artist, Film Producer

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So many of us have never had to tát experience the horrors of war or the hurdles of returning to tát a normal life afterward. This really gave bầm new appreciation for the sacrifices these soldiers made for us. Danny’s story of his combat in Vietnam is told in visceral, gripping detail with moment-to-moment suspense. Mark Bowser narrative keeps you guessing as he bounces between modern day and wartime, even throwing some twists at you that you won’t expect.
~Cory Edwards, Writer/Director of Hoodwinked

Danny Lane and Mark Bowser have written an exciting roller coaster of an adventure. The amazing thing is that it is a true story. Some Gave It All grabbed bầm from the first paragraph and wouldn’t let go until the last word.
~Pat Williams, Orlando Magic senior vice president, tác giả of The Success Intersection

Some Gave It All shows the horror of war and the emotional toll and recovery of a real American hero, Danny Lane. Without brave Marines lượt thích Danny Lane, we would not be không tính phí. After reading this book, I will never forget that.
~Lee Cockerell , Executive Vice President, Walt Disney World® Resort (Ret.) and best-selling author of Creating Magic, The Customer Rules, Time Management Magic and Career Magic

Some Gave It All keeps you on the edge of your seat! The action is non-stop and Danny’s struggle to tát survive is gripping and intense. Danny was a hell of a cop. I loved working with him and knew when going through a door together; he always had my back.
~Richard Kemp, ATF Resident in Charge, Special Federal Agent (Ret.)

This is an amazing story of courage and sacrifice. I’m almost at a loss for words. Every God-fearing American ought to tát read this. It’ll get your heart pounding, and you’ll be forever grateful for the men and women who keep this country safe, including American hero Danny Lane. I am proud to tát have him on my staff as a combat tactics instructor.
~Jason Hanson, Former CIA Officer, author of the New York Times Bestseller Spy Secrets that Can Save Your Life

Some Gave it All is a must read for every red blooded American!
~Colonel Phil Torres, U. S. Marine Corps

Some Gave it All is a must read for anyone who wants the real skinny on the brotherhood of combat…you will find yourself mesmerized and brought into the action lượt thích never before.”
~John Ligato, Marine, FBI Special Agent(Ret.), author of the John Booker Series

Gripping! Suspenseful…the more I read, the more the storyline came to tát life and the more immersed I became!
~Colonel Steven B. Vitali, USMC (Ret.)

Some Gave it All… brutally powerful, inspiring depiction of sacrifice, honor and faith…It reads lượt thích an action movie.
~Art Camacho, Award Winning Motion Picture Director

Danny Lane is a highly, decorated Vietnam War Marine veteran whose decorations include two Purple Hearts, Marine Combat kích hoạt Medal and several other commendations. In his biography, Some Gave It All: Through the Fire of the Vietnam

Lane and co-author Mark Bowser write: “It was November trăng tròn, 1968, and Danny and his fellow Marines sat on the cold, wet tarmac in full combat gear awaiting liftoff. That’s a sentence filled with mystery and malice―foreboding, too.

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Lane writes that he found himself wondering what he had got himself into. He was nineteen years old. Two days earlier he had been home page, in total security. Now he and his fire team were about to tát enter the dense jungle of Southeast Asia where the Viet Cong would pursue them relentlessly.

It took Danny Lane fifty years to tát tell his story. Now here it is for all of us to tát appreciate and dwell upon, including those of us who served in the Vietnam War but never got near the jungle. Having your helicopter shot down is a decisive way to tát come into liên hệ with the jungle and with the NVA.

This book reads lượt thích the draft for a blockbuster Hollywood movie, packed with action and adventure. The reader has a front-row seat to tát follow Lane and his comrades into the intense life of all-but endless combat that these young men endured.

The men were participating in Operation Meade River. It was late 1968, and Danny Lane was a grunt with the 3rd Battalion/5th Marines in the 1st Marine Division. His book ricochets back and forth between modern day and the war, and Lane tosses some curves that we could not begin to tát predict.

The book is smoothly written, and không tính phí from most of the usual Vietnam War memoir clichés. And it’s a spellbinder with a roller-coaster action plot.

Those of us who enjoy and seek out infantry stories filled with action have nothing to tát complain about with this fine book. Danny Lane has done himself proud. He and his co-author, Mark Bowser, have concocted a winner. I recommend you get a copy of this fine book.
~Marc Leepson, Arts Editor, Vietnam Veterans of America

Danny Lane is a highly decorated US Marine. He was awarded two Purple Hearts, the Marine Combat kích hoạt Medal and other commendations for his service in Vietnam. He is a retired police officer, martial arts master in the Chuck Norris System, bodyguard, private investigator, writer and co-author of Spy Combat Tactics with CIA Officer Jason Hanson.

MARK BOWSER is an author of multiple books and is one of the busiest Professional Business Speakers in the United States. Mark’s books include Sales Success, Jesus, Take the Wheel, and Unlocking the Champion Within.

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