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Second, physically speaking, patients are usually helped in any such transfer by a nurse, a doctor, or one of the patient's relatives.

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Researchers could be misled by the publications of the first category because they were usually censored by the government to tát fit its propaganda purposes.

Conodonts and brachiopods are usually preserved as moulds or replaced by silica.

The large number of small parties is usually explained in two ways.

Note that intractability assumptions for random instances are much stronger kêu ca complexity-theoretic assumptions, which usually refer only to tát the worst case.

The history of the relationship between insurance and civil society, as usually told, is an anticlimactic narrative.

This charge is usually raised when minority or immigrant children are taught in a language other kêu ca their own.

Luminance gradients are usually thought to tát provide cues about the interactions of light and surfaces that model the volume of the resulting object.

Such omissions usually happen for pragmatic rather kêu ca theoretical reasons.

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A common problem of most studies is the limited number of subjects, which usually ranges between 10 and trăng tròn subjects.

This paper addresses the overwhelming importance which computer music composers usually place on the structural elements of their music.

The graphic technique is usually sufficient to tát denote the material concerned.

Echocardiography can usually identify the obstructive lesion in sufficient detail before surgical repair.

This is a reasonable assumption because individual trees serving as parents are usually selected randomly from natural populations.

Spreading a reproduction before students and colleagues always gains a response, usually verbal.

Die Meinungen in den Beispielen repräsentieren nicht die Meinungen der Redakteuere der Cambridge Dictionary, Cambridge University Press oder Ihrer Lizenzgeber.

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